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Spooky Sweets

6 Oct

Fall is here, and the holiday season starts creeping up around the corner.  Though not everyone would consider Halloween a “holiday,” it is still a celebrated day for many.  I am easily terrified and pass out at the sight of blood (real or not), so I will be focusing on the more family-friendly aspect of Halloween.  I picked my personal favorite 5 sweet treats that range from kiddie to classy.  Hopefully, you can take ideas from this post and whip up some of your own sweet treats to please neighbors, co-workers, and friends alike!

+ Graveyard Cake

  • For those young at heart or just plain young, this is the perfect cake to bite into for Halloween.  My mom used this particular cake a few years back as her entry into her company Halloween bake-off and won! Anyone looking for a prize-winning piece? This might be it!

Graveyard Cake

Recipe and picture from Betty Crocker

+ Brain Cupcakes

  • I usually don’t have a lot of time to bake, so this idea makes everything super simple.   All you really need for this is cupcakes, frosting, and a steady hand.  Make it a red velvet cupcake to get that blood color when you bite into it, and this cupcake would be perfect for Halloween.

Picture from Martha Stewart

+ Strawberry Ghosts

  • Also super easy to do, and for those who are more health-conscious, at least this one has fruit!  I’ve never actually seen this done in real life before, but I’m making it a to-do this year.  Tip – Use a Ziploc bag and cut the tip in lieu of a piping bag for the chocolate!
Strawberry Ghosts Recipe
+ Pumpkin Spice Cake Pops
  • For those looking for something on the more adult side, these cake pops will surely be a hit.  Pumpkin-y and delicious and bite-sized to top it all off!
  • Sidenote: if you’d rather have more kid-friendly cake pops, I absolutely adore, and she has multiple Halloween cake pop ideas on here already.
Hope you find some inspiration to fuel your next creative baking project! Happy early Halloween, and happy baking!