Adjustments vs. Benefits

9 Dec

When you change something, there is always a level of adjustment that comes with becoming different.  In my case, I have had to do quite a bit of adjustment to settle into my meatless life, but I know that in the long run, the benefits will far outweigh any minor adjustments I have had and will have to make.  One of the biggest adjustments that may also just be the biggest benefit?  Paying attention to what I eat.  You would think that I would have some clue as to what I eat and how much, but no, with so many options out there, deciding what to eat has become a task.  Pre-pescetarianism, I ate at the same places and ordered the same food, but now that I am no longer able to eat most of that food, I have had to open my eyes to other foods, usually healthier, and other places to eat.  When I go to restaurants, I must actually think about what I order, and personally, it has brought about healthier and better decision-making habits.  Jonathan Foer wrote in Eating Animals, “Food choices are determined by many factors, but reason (even consciousness) is not generally high on the list.”  As primarily omnivores, people have accustomed themselves to ordering food without thinking of the ingredients, how they were made, or where they came from.  This lack of knowledge forms the basis as to why people eat as poorly as they do without a care in the world.  Having to rid my diet of meat has cut out a section of the food industry that is far too questionable to begin with.  By eliminating that food group altogether, I no longer have to worry about where my food came from and how processed it is.  I live healthier, because most of the food I eat comes straight from the ground and are rich in nutrients and vitamins.  On top of that, I am doing my part to save our earth by reducing the pollution that comes from raising animals and processing meat, and I also feel way more ethical about what I consume.  Knowing that I have saved a chicken, pig, or cow somewhere out there further solidifies my decision to remain in my vegetable-loving state of mind.


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