My Long-Lost Love for Leafy Greens

9 Dec

As people grow up, get older, and become more independent, their lifestyle decisions start to evolve, and in this modern era of fast food chains and cheap eats, the easiest food-related decisions have proven to be the worst.  When I was little, I hated most vegetables as much as the next kid, but my parents always outsmarted me in hiding them in my food or masking them in some delicious soup or sauce.  Maybe they were culinary masterminds or maybe I was just easily deceived, but either way, I gobbled up my daily recommended dose of vegetables with ease.  I loved the soft carrots and cabbage that were in the chicken soup my mom enjoyed making on cold days, and broccoli covered in cheese was my dad’s dish I craved all the time.  Leafy greens were my favorite, and on occasion, my parents had to make me eat the other food that was on the table.  As I grew up, started going out more, and stayed up late nights studying, I went from healthy greens to starches and fats.  When I got to college, my eating habits had morphed into only consuming carbs and processed food, and it was a rare sight to see any green in my food.  My health seemed to get progressively worse as time went on, and my weight constantly fluctuated due to the lack of a stable diet.  Though my pescetarian eating habits are rather new, I have already gained back the love of veggies that had slowly dwindled over the years.  I eat more vegetables in one week than I used to in a whole month, and as a result, I simply feel healthier knowing I am eating healthier!   Due to the lack of meatless options in fast food chains, I am also forced to eat real, all-natural food, which I am sure my body is truly grateful for.  That saying “one good choice leads to another” is extremely applicable for a pescetarian lifestyle.  When it comes down to it, the inevitable intake of vegetables means healthier overall eating habits.  I have suddenly developed a slight aversion to fried food, meat or not, and I constantly crave sautéed vegetables, which has never happened in my life pre-pescetarianism.  I am pleased to have rekindled my lost love for leafy greens and now find bliss in eating healthy rather than seeing it as a chore.  Who needs men when you can have eternal love and happiness with your food?


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