Self-Introduction to the Pescetarian Life

9 Dec

Though I originally named this blog for the sole purpose of talking about all things sugary and sweet, there are more ways to “live the sweet life” than consume obscene amounts of desserts.  I have an insane sweet tooth, so it would be nearly impossible for me to give up sweets.  However, I have somehow found a new meaning to “a sweet life” by giving up what most people, especially men, would cringe to even think about losing.  Meat has long been a staple in peoples’ diets, and for most, hardly a meal goes by without its presence.  I recently made a big personal decision to give up meat in my diet.  When I mention my change in diet, I always receive some quizzical looks and questions as to why I chose to relinquish meat in my life.  Honestly, I did it mainly for my best friend of ten years who went vegan, because she works daily with small animals and rodents in a research lab at UT Southwestern.  Some people initially don’t see the connection between her being vegan and my own choice of giving up meat, but in my mind, it is always nice to have some accompaniment through a lifestyle change.  I had already given up red meat as a health-related decision, so I thought, “Why not take it just a little bit further?”  Don’t get me wrong.  I was not about to rid my life of meat, fish, dairy, and eggs.  Thus, I opted for the less extreme version of veganism: pescetarianism.  Even still, the thought of giving up beef, pork, and chicken may come as an unbelievable feat to many.  I love chicken nuggets as much as the next person, and for awhile, I questioned my ability to push through the pain of losing my favorite childhood food.  I ultimately decided that this was the best thing for me, and currently, I feel such self-accomplishment in going this far.  Though there might be some skepticism as to whether or not being a pescetarian truly deserves to be considered an accomplishment, it has become more of self-satisfaction in keeping with a goal I set for myself.  Though I miss having the option of meat, there is something so undeniably “sweet” in pushing myself to stick to pescetarianism.  I feel healthier, more environmentally friendly, and more supportive as a friend, and that is how I am living the sweet life.


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